Mama Is – A Mother’s Day Tribute

In French, it’s maman; in Spanish, mamá; in Italian, mamma; in Greek, màna; and in English, mama. The most beautiful word in any language and one of the first every baby learns to say, “mama,” “mom,”and “mommy” mean so much more than just “an informal name for one’s mother.”

Mama is . . .

. . . the one who carries us for 9 months in her body and for a lifetime in her heart.

. . . the one whose love for us is immeasurable, no matter what we say or do.

. . . the one whose love is a shelter from the storms of this sea called life.

. . . the one who kisses away the hurt when we fall and scrape our knee and when we fall and break our heart.

. . . the one who always stands beside us; who laughs when we laugh and cries when we cry.

. . . the one who shows us the meaning of courage, strength, and selflessness.

. . . the one who makes any house – big or small, humble or palatial – into a home.

. . . the one whose work is never done, yet she never complains or shirks.

. . . the one who can both comfort and scold without words.

. . . the one who never gives up hope for or loses faith in a wayward son or daughter.

. . . the one whose prayers follow us wherever we may wander.

. . . the one we should love best and honor most in the whole wide world.


So, on this Mother’s Day, I just want to tell you: Thank you, Mama, more than words can say. I love and miss you.

Mama's Love

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