MacGyver, All-American Hero

macgyver5MacGyver. Just his name is enough to make me smile. Everybody loves MacGyver. He’s not a dashing hero, he’s not an action hero, he’s not a superhero. He’s just an ordinary all-American guy with a good heart and some impressive skills. He can make a bomb out of anything just as easily as he can diffuse the most sophisticated of explosive devices. And he can do everything in between. Resourceful and quick-thinking, he always manages to get himself – and others – out of whatever impossible scrapes the writers dream up.

And he’s constantly helping the little guys and fighting for “lost” causes. Firmly planted on a strong, I would even say unshakeable, moral code, he always does the right thing. And he never ever gives up until the bad guys have been soundly beaten. Most important, he cares. Cares about other people and cares about doing the right thing for its own sake. He’s not in it for the money or power or glory. He is always there to help and do good. And he’s not afraid – but not because he’s the biggest, or the strongest, or the toughest. Because he knows that in the end, good will always triumph over evil.

Boyish charm and a winning smile make him an even more likeable guy. I think MacGyver/Richard Dean Anderson was my first – no, second – celebrity crush. (Come to think of it, there are quite a few similarities between Mac and Roy Rogers, my first celeb crush. But that’s a story for another day.) Simple and sweet and unpretentious, like an overgrown kid, Mac’s charm could melt any heart. Let the other girls swoon over the “bad boys;” give me a good guy like MacGyver any day. A soft heart and strong character – now that’s a sexy combination. Forget about the cute or rich or popular guys, I just want to find me my very own MacGyver.

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