Dawn: Moments of Magic

dawnDawn. Those magical moments right before sunrise. When the world is still and the first glimmer of light breaks over the horizon. The swish of an owl’s wings on his way home. The dew softly dripping from the trees. Birds singing in the distance. The sudden slight chill in the air. The untouched serenity that renews my soul. The way nature feels clean and new, as if it were reborn during the night.

Sunrise. The most glorious moment of the day. When our very own star reappears in the sky, bringing light and warmth. Rays of light playing hide and seek in the trees. A scarlet and orange eastern sky. The tap-tap-tapping of an unseen woodpecker. The morning fog slowly dissipating. A new day with no mistakes in it yet.

Morning is my favorite part of the day, especially early morning. Nothing can compare to the magic and beauty of it. It is the best time for quiet reflection and personal communion with the Maker. Before the hustle and bustle of another day consumes us. Before we find ourselves pulled in 15 different directions. Work and kids and traffic and errands and coworkers and everything else that fills our days. Fills them too full, in my opinion. We get so wrapped up in everything that we have to do, that we forget about what’s really important.

Just a few minutes of peace first thing in the morning is enough to help counter-balance the stress of hectic schedules. That is the magic of dawn. Clarity. Peace. Focus. No pressure, no tension. For me, dawn has an amazing way of bringing into focus what matters most and everything else just fades away. Sometimes I let myself get caught in a vicious cycle of cramming too much into each day, which results in staying up too late to finish and then missing the next day’s dawn. Which puts even more pressure and stress, and so it continues. It takes real effort to break the cycle, but believe me, it is well worth it.

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