Frank Reagan for President

This year’s presidential election certainly has people fired up. Some hate Hillary, some hate Trump, and some hate both. I don’t think anyone is indifferent. For me, it’s a matter of hating one and not really caring for the other. I am not an ardent fan of either. But you know what campaign I could get really get excited about? Frank Reagan for President. Oh yeah, he would make a phenomenal commander in chief. Not only would I vote for him in a heartbeat, I would sign up as his most enthusiastic campaign volunteer.

Frank Reagan is the fictitious New York police commissioner from the TV show Blue Bloods. Honor, patriotism, integrity, conservative views, strength, unimpeachable character, family values, tact – Frank has everything it takes to be a first-rate leader. Frank Reagan for President. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Blue Bloods is far and away my favorite current TV show. The writing, the characters, the old-fashioned values, and the family aspect all add up to one absolutely fabulous series. It’s a tough call, but I think Frank is my favorite character. And in light of recent events, I think we need a former cop in the White House. And his stint as PC has proven his leadership ability.

Okay, so I know we can’t really elect a fictional character to public office. As much as I wish we could. But here’s what we need to take away from this: any candidate needs to be compared to Frank Reagan. When considering a field of candidates, one simple question will make the choice easy. Which one would be as good as Frank Reagan? Actually, that probably wouldn’t work. I know. Which one comes closest to being as good as Frank Reagan? That is my plan from now on. Which candidate has the sterling character, unshakeable patriotism, and strength of will that Frank repeatedly shows as police commissioner? And if we all make “Frank Reagan for President” our unofficial motto, I think we just might be able to turn our great country around. If we approach politics with that ideal in the back of our minds, I think we could really make a difference. Maybe we could even return this country to what it once was.

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