disappointmentDisappointment. Something everyone’s experienced; something everyone hates. Some disappointments are easier to accept than others. Some are beyond our control, some could have been prevented. Sometimes there is someone to blame, other times we blame ourselves or God or fate or bad luck. Reactions can range from anger to deep hurt to bitterness. A select few are able to accept disappointment and move on.

I am not one of those few. At least not at first. Given some time, I can usually accept most things – more or less. Anger is usually my first default setting, but it’s just a cover. My typical reaction is to blame myself – but that hurts too much. So if I get mad at someone else, then I can forget that it’s really my fault.

But it’s not my fault. Everyone’s gonna disappoint you at some point or another. That’s just life. And some people make a habit of it. That’s just the way they are. There’s no changing them, there’s no changing life. Just gotta learn to live with it I guess. Move on; don’t let it hold you in the past.

That’s tough to do, you know? Disappointment, especially when coupled with a measure of rejection, is a tough pill to swallow. And if you let it, it will eat you up from the inside. Take it, learn from it, and let it go. That’s what I’m trying to learn to do. I’ve not had much success thus far. In time, I forget about the pain, but that’s not the same thing. All it takes is one little reminder and it all comes rushing back.

The hardest part is the fact that no two people are going to have the same concept. Something that makes me feel disappointed and rejected may have zero effect on you; and vice versa. We all look at the world differently. We all measure things differently. And no one standard is more valid than another. I think once we learn to accept that, there will be far less pain and heartache in the world.

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