Imperfection Is Beautiful

Imperfection is beautiful. Read that again. Think about it for a minute. I don’t know where we came up with the notion that something or someone has to be perfect to be beautiful. Perfection is not beauty. Perfection is just a lack of flaws. Perfection is also unattainable. Nothing is ever perfect. And if we spend our time chasing perfection, we miss out on the beauty.

Beauty is a sunrise – red, orange, gold, and pink splashed across the horizon. Beauty is laughing till you snort and tears run down your face. Beauty is running free in a field of wildflowers. Beauty is a woman in childbirth. Beauty is the newborn baby, red and squalling. Beauty is a faded, worn-out pair of blue jeans. Beauty is a lovers’ quarrel. Beauty is jagged cliffs by the sea. Beauty is the wrinkles of a face that has seen a full life. Beauty is a mismatched pair of eyes. Beauty is the artwork of a preschooler. Beauty is the limp of a soldier. Beauty is the awkwardness of a first kiss. Beauty is the ruins of an ancient temple. Beauty is all these things and so many more, but it is never perfection. Because real life is messy and chaotic and hard and unbelievably beautiful.

When something or someone is real and genuine and true, there is the beauty. When we allow ourselves to each be who we truly are, we are each of us beautiful in our own way. One is tall, another is short. This one is blonde, that one is brunette. Some are outgoing, some are shy. One may have beautiful eyes, another a stunning smile. Some are smarter or more talented than others. This one is sweet and gentle, that one is rough and tumble. All are beautiful. Our imperfection makes us beautiful.

Think of a diamond, perfectly cut and polished. Completely free of flaws. It possesses a certain beauty to be sure, but it is not truly beautiful. It is hard and cold and completely without life. When we chase perfection or demand it of others, we become like the diamond. Cold and dead inside. And we miss out on the beauty of a life lived to the full. Don’t waste this precious gift. Embrace your imperfection and know that you are truly beautiful just the way you are.

imperfection is beautiful